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Places to visit including Rhodes Old Town, Lindos, Tsampika, Butterfly Valley & Seven Springs.

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Introduction to Rhodes

Rhodes (Rodos in Greek), lies between Crete and Turkey in the Aegean Sea, a branch of the Mediterranean Sea. Rhodes is the biggest of the Dodecanese islands. Named the sun island or island of light there are hardly any days when the sun doesn't shine. With its subtropical climate and over 320 days of sun per year you can be guaranteed a good tan on your holiday. Rhodes is one of the most popular holiday islands in Greece - even Greeks themselves come to Rhodes for a holiday from the mainland.

Rhodes today offers the visitor a multitude of all year round leisure alternatives, covering all types of tourist activities. The natural beauty of the island, the monuments from her long and often turbulent history, a cosmopolitan character, as well as the warm hospitality generously offered by the people of Rhodes, and an excellent tourist infrastructure boasting the most modern hotels, all captivate the visitor.

The modern city of Rhodes is one of the biggest municipalities in the Greek islands, with about sixty thousand permanent residents. It is the financial and cultural centre of the south-eastern Aegean, and successfully combines a lively present with a rich historical past. There are many reasons why Rhodes is one of the most popular resorts in the Mediterranean: the natural surroundings, crystal clear seas, many parks and recreational facilities, the bright sun and the warm hospitality of the islanders themselves.

Rhodes Old Town, Castle of the Knights

Villa Petalutha, Rhodes, Greece
Rhodes Old Town - Castle of the Knights

The city has an excellent tourist infrastructure and offers a wide variety of entertainment (night-life, sports, cultural events, and day trips to wonderful Lindos and the neighbouring islands like Kos, Patmos, Karpathos, Kalymnos and Leros). Finally, visitors have the opportunity to learn something of the eventful history of the city, visit the museums or go sightseeing.

With the best sunshine record of all the Med islands, summer holidays to Rhodes are hot. If you'd rather travel in the balmy days of spring or autumn, you've got the best chance of glorious weather at a fraction of the cost.

Rhodes is renowned for far more than its cloudless skies; clear blue seas, soft sand bays and olive grove hillsides, excellent shopping, romantic temple ruins and a fabulous Old Town – quaint, quirky and bursting with atmosphere. There's a feast of bars, restaurants and tavernas for everything from your favourite fast food to true Greek tradition and fine specialty cuisines. And there are clubs, disco's and a casino for those who come alive at night, not to forget golf, walks and watersports for dawn to dusk activity.


Weather - Averages

Rhodes provides over 320 days of sunshine

Weather Feed


Temp °C Average

Ave Sun hrs/ p/day

Humidity %

Rain fall cm


15 5 - 9.97


15 6 - 6.45


17 7 69.0 5.05


20 9 66.3 2.72


24 11 63.6 0.93


29 13 63.6 0.93


31 14 56.4 0.02


31 13 56.4 0.02


29 11 60.8 0.16


24 8 67.0 3.71


20 6 72.0 7.1


16 5 - 9.22


Places to Visit

Places to visit

Rhodes Old Town

The Medieval (or Old) Town of Rhodes is oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe. There are many gates, but we suggest that you first enter through Eleftheria (Liberty) Gate, where you'll come to Plateia Simi (Simi square), containing ruins of the Temple of Venus, identified by the votive offerings found here, which may date from the 3rd century B.C. The Medieval City of Rhodes offers an oportunity to loose track of time. There are roughly 200 streets or lanes that simply have no name. Getting lost here is not a defeat; it's an opportunity. Whenever you feel the need to find your bearings, you can ask for Sokratous, which is the closest the Old Town of Rhodes comes to having a main street.


Lindos is one of the most impressive archaeological site on Rhodes. The dramatic natural landscape is enhanced by the picturesque quality of the more modern town. Although you will find the most important archaeological monuments at the acropolis, interesting ruins are also scattered at various points within the town and just outside it as well.

To get to the Acropolis follow the road that leads up to the hill. The medieval walls are the first ruins you will encounter, fortifications built by the Crusaders (early 14th century) on the remains of earlier defenses, both Byzantine and ancient. There are a few of towers along the medieval walls, which follow the natural contours of the high ground.


Founded in times where pirates used to overrun the islands of the Mediterranean, the village of Afandou took its name form the word "afandos", which in Greek means "invisible", because it could not be seen from the sea. Afandou is one of the largest and oldest villages on the Island of Rhodes. Filled with fruit-bearing and olive trees, the village has a population of about 7.500 people. Almost anything you may need can be found there as it has stores and shops of any kind. The beach of Afandou extends to a length of over 3Km with rocks and caves on the far left for the adventurous. You should also not neglect to visit the unique church of Our Lady Katholiki. The church is decorated with wall paintings originating from the 17th Century. In August the church celebrates and a big religious festival is being held.

Tsampika Monastery

A tiny, Byzantine church, dedicated to Our Lady, located on the top of a hill which offers breathtaking views. The road to Tsambika monastery turns off the main road, some meters before the road to Tsambika beach. The road will take you half way up the hill. After this point, you need to walk up the hill, following 350 steps. It's perched high at 300 m with commanding coastal views, both north over Kolymbia and south over Tsambika beach until Lindos, which makes it worth, to climb up. According to the legend, any woman having problems getting pregnant should go up there barefoot, to pray to the Virgin and she will be blessed with children. The saints day is the 7. September.

Valley of Butterflies

A short drive inland will take you to Petaloudes, a scenic gorge which from June to September is home to the rare and eye catching Kalimorfa Butterfly. Set in a lush green valley with a small river running through it, beautifully arranged with little wooden bridges, stone steps, and a path leading to the Monastery of the Virgin of Kalopetra

Seven Springs (Epta Piges)

The scent of pine on every breath, rustic bridges and trickling streams set the mood for 'Epta Piges' (Seven Springs), found 30 km from the City of Rodos . Those who want to rise to the challenge can wander around the maize of footpaths searching out the source of each of the seven springs. Lying across the entry road, a green lake with turquoise waters nestles in a pine clad gorge. 

A sign posted footpath leads to it from the main site as does a tunnel carrying a stream. Many visitors walk through the 610ft (186m) long dark tunnel but it is not recommended for claustrophobic, who may follow the signposted alternate route. Peacocks wander the site too and if they are not to be seen their penetrating cry is unlikely to pass unnoticed. Set in some of the deepest shade by the water edge, the taverna (occasional operation during winter) is an atmospheric place to refresh and the food is good too

Ladiko Bay

Villa Petalutha, Rhodes, Greece
Amazing colours of Ladiko Bay

Anthony Quinn Bay

Discover the under water world of Anthony Quinn. This small bay has crystal clear waters and beautiful rock pools which makes it one of the most stunning bays on the island. The beach is now known by the actors name since they filmed The Guns of Navarone here.


The very southern tip of the island very popular with wind surfers. Where you can stand on a sandy beach watching the sea on both sides.

Monolithos Castle

The main attraction of the village of Monolithos is the mediaeval castle, which stands among the pines on the great outcrop of an isolated rock from which the name Monolithos (lonely rock) is derived. After Leaving your car at the bottom, there is a a ten-minute walk that will bring you to the summit, where your only company is the sea and the fragrance of the wild herbs. Within the castle walls stands the church of Agios Panteleimon. Bellow the castle you will find an attractive stone building housing a small café. The road leads on to Fourni, the beach at Monolithos, ideal for those who like pebbles, waves and a peaceful setting


On the north-western shore of Rhodes, close To the promontory of Agios Minas (the Ancient Mylantio) lies the third of The island's ancient cities - Kamiros.Kamiros was one of the three large Doric cities of the island, which united with Ialyssos and Lindos in the 5th century B.C. to create the powerful city - state of Rhodes.Although it was established by the Dorians, it seems like the first inhabitants of the area must have been Achaeans, as the ruins of an ancient Mycenaean necropolis close to the village of Kalovarda reveal. Kameiros was basically an agricultural society which produced oil, wine and figs. During the city's golden era of the 6th century, it was the first Rhodian city to cut its own coins

Profitis Ilias

Profitis Ilias, is a pine-wooded forest named after the Prophet Elias whose monastery is found on the mountain (2.600ft/ 720 m). The two adjacent Swiss Chalet style hotels, Elafos (stag) and Elafina (doe), were built by the Italians but they have actually been closed for a number of years. The Elafos Hotel became operational again in 2006 and offers 20 rooms and 3 Suites, while there is a plan to renovate the Elafina too.

A nearby café is open for tea, coffee or ouzo nearby the log fire. The walled-in monastery itself is small and shows little signs of life until 20 June, its Saint's day. 

At this altitude, the wild flowers can be enjoyed and it is possible to see Cyclamen repandum, which is widespread up here, until late May and possibly later in a cool spring. One speciality to look out for which is fairly common here but not in other parts of the island, is the charming, white Paeonia clusii ssp rhodia. It flowers in April and May and can sometimes be seen on the banks overhanging the road.

Filerimos and Ialysos

Ialysos is one of the three ancient cities of Rodos with remains of occupation dating back to 3rd millennium BC and also settlements & cemeteries dating from the Mycenaean-Minoan period.  

The building remains of ancient Ialysos discovered to date are mainly on the Filerimos hill, which was given this name in Byzantine times. Its earliest known name was Achaia, which is further evidence for the presence of Greeks in this area during the Mycenaean period, Strabo calls the hill Ochyroma ('Fortification').  

From very early times the hill was in fact used as a strong point and also as a place of worship. 

During the period of Italian rule (1912-1945) a 'Golgotha' was built: this was a series of shrines with relief scenes of the Passion, which leads from the square to the west edge of the plateau of the Filerimos hill.  Also a 30m stone  cross was constructed but it was destroyed during the WWII. In 1996 a 16 metre cross was rebuilted on the top the plateau from  which you can enjoy the view.



The unique tastes of Greece guarantee that you are in for many culinary surprises if you stay in the country. Greece benefits from a huge coastline - 1/5 of the country is made up of islands including Rhodes, as a result, fish and shellfish are abundant, and very popular. Lamb is the most popular meat..., and is cooked in so many different ways - roasted, braised, marinated and grilled, baked, broiled and stewed. The sun tends to smile on Greece too, and so vegetables are delicious and ripe. Herbs and vegetables that grow well in a brilliantly sunny land are common, such as oregano, thyme and mint, and eggplant, artichokes, tomatoes and fava beans.

Greece has a culinary tradition of approx. 4,000 years with the first recorded cookbook in history by a Greek Archestratos (330 B.C.). Nevertheless, Greek cuisine has both influenced others and embraced ideas from its neighbours but is above all Mediterranean and provides a very distinct local character. Traditionally, the Rhodian table was rich in variety and this tradition continues today.

There are numerous “shop front” taverners catering for the tourist, but venture a little off the beaten track and there are many restaurants offering high quality local dishes. But don’t expect a quick meal, the food is plentiful and meals are traditionally an event in themselves.

Rhodes Castle of teh Knights

Villa Petalutha, Rhodes, Greece
Liminaki Restaurant, Kolymbia

Starter - It is common to start a meal with a range of appetisers (mezedes), similar to those served in the Middle East and North Africa, or Spanish tapas.

Main - If you make it through to the main course the possibilities are almost endless. Moussaka and Kleftiko are the best known; the former being the classic dish of spiced minced lamb and aubergine baked with a cheese topping, and the latter being basically chunky pieces of lamb baked with thyme, oregano and garlic. Of course we have to mention the wonderful fresh fish and the Greek Salads (Feta, Oregano, Cucumber, Onion and Tomato) that are also very popular.

Dessert - As far as puddings are concerned, the Greeks like them sweet. Pastries and baklava are commonplace, as are poached fruit and syrup-soaked sponges. That said, sorbets and ice creams are cropping up more often these days.

Gourmets from all over the world have good reason to visit Rhodes as they have the chance to enjoy local specialties that brilliantly combine traditional and modern tastes. Details of our favourite restaurants are available for guests in Villa Petalutha who fancy a night off from home cooking.

Some of Our Favourites

Katholiki Restaurant, Afandou Beach

We have had one of our best Moussaka and Souvlaki (grilled meat on a skewer) at this family run restaurant.  Mostly frequented by locals, we take this as a good sign of quality and traditional foods. 

Sundays is always a busy time with the local Greek families, but it is also has a good atmosphere.

Mourella Restaurant, Kiotari

This restaurant has a wonderful traditional Greek look and feel, with a modern twist on the food.  Not only are they warm and friendly, popular with many locals coming all the way down from Rhodes town to enjoy the food, but they also grow many of their own vegetables.  Mourella is one of the local favourites for a Sunday lunch and is rumoured to have the best steaks on the island, you really must try it out if you are in the area. Their presentation of food is exquisite, as are their cocktails and desserts. The location of the restaurant is the south east coastal road, on the Kiotari beach front road.


This is one of our favourite restaurants and it’s local.  With a wonderful traditional friendly Greek feel, terraces overlooking Kolymbia bay and excellent fresh fish along with many other delicious dishes.  Rhodeans go out of their way to come to this restaurant especially for lunch, after the fishing boats return with their catch.  Try their chip pea fried “Pitarouda”, delicious!


The Island Café and Beach Bar, Kolymbia

We enjoy the Island café and beach bar for both pre and post meal drinks including some great cocktails.  Situated in a quiet cove with tables on the beach, you can enjoy your drink with the sound of the sea slowly lapping in the background. 

Afandou Patisserie Shop, Afadou Village

We love this patisserie shop for its excellent baklava (a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup/honey) and look forward to our trip to the shop every time.  There are plenty of other treats available including a selection of truffle chocolates.  The shop is located in the village right next door to Café Italico.

Sergios’s Restaurant & Café Italico, Afandou

Run by Afandou locals Sergio and his wife Heather, this Pizzeria bakes homemade oven Pizza’s along with other traditional Greek meals in a great atmosphere.  They also provide a take away and delivery service to the Villa (just refer to Villa Petalutha as they know where it is).  We have left a takeaway menu in the information pack.

Sergio also owns coffee shop and bar, Café Italico.  Serving the best coffees in town with light bites and cakes, it is also the perfect place to catch on your e-mails with free Wi-Fi for all customers.




As well as the amazing selection of restaurants, bars and clubs to keep your evenings entertained, there are a number of other activities on Rhodes to keep your days busy too. If any of the following is of interest, please don't hesitate to ask and we'll put you in touch.

Dinghy Sailing

Dinghy sailing

Wind Surfing

Wind Surfing

SPA Treatments

SPA treatments



Yacht Sailing

Yacht sailing



Water Park

Water Park

Kite Surfing

kite surfing



4x4 Courses

4x4 courses







Transport Information & Links


Direct flights during the peak season are around 3.5 hrs from London and around 4 hrs from Manchester. Flights via Athens are available all year round, which are about the same plus an additional hour for transfers.

Car Hire

Car hire is not essential but highly recommended to make the most of your island stay. We have arranged special rates with local agents & Rhino Car Hire, so please enquire on rates or book online with one of the following;

Distances from Afandou


20km (12.5Miles)

Rhodes Town

20km (12.5miles)


30km (18.5miles)




0.8km (0.5miles)


0.8km (0.5miles)

Golf Course


Afandou Town



Taxi's are readily available all over the island. Example fair Rhodes to Lindos 50km (31miles) would be around 38 Euro's (£27)


Rhodes has a good bus service enabling mobilisation without the need of a car.


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